We now have a number of New Products now in stock for Dogs, Cats, Rabbits & Guinea Pigs and Horses:



Greasy, cheesy, sore, red skin?
Westies in particular frequently suffer from this, but so also do a number of other breeds. Malaseb is often recommended by vets but is very expensive and is prescription only. We can now offer an alternative which is effective against lots of skin bacteria and yeasts including Malassezia. Suitable for cats and horses too.
Ask for Sporal D Shampoo 200ml @ £7.99

Anal gland problems?
Two of our clients are using this for their dogs already and say it helps. It’s a food additive designed to improve the gut function and encourage natural emptying of the anal glands. Not cheap but a pot will last a 20kg dog approx 2 months.
Ask for Pro-Fibre pellets by Protexin. 800g pot @ £17.99

Wormers for Puppies
A liquid wormer suitable for puppies from 2 weeks old. It covers all the worms a puppy is likely to get but especially roundworm.
Ask for Drontal Puppy Suspension 100ml pot @ £22.35

Wormers for big dogs
At the other end of the scale a wormer suitable for big dogs. Rather than having to get a number down them this one tablet is for 35kg of dog, and works out cheaper.
Ask for Drontal Plus Dog XL @ £7.50 each

Plus our usual range of: Licensed Frontline Dog Flea treatments, Licensed Drontal Dog Wormers, Specialist Shampoos and Conditioners, Grooming Brushes and Combs, Plaque-Off teeth & Breath treatment. The Pet shop next door in the garden centre also sells a wide range of pet products and foods.


Wormers for Big Cats (No, not Lions & Tigers!)
If your cat is larger than average this will save you chopping up tablets. One tablet per 6kg of cat.
Ask for Drontal Cat XL @ £3.50 each

Pill givers
Suitable for all animals but particularly cats where giving of pills and tablets can be a dangerous business! The device grips the pill and safely delivers it behind the tongue.
Ask for Pet Pill Giver @ £3.50

Cat too difficult to worm?
If even the pill giver above makes wormer tablet giving too much of a challenge we have a wormer given as a “spot-on” onto the skin. Combats tapeworm but not roundworm. You will need non-pill Stronghold from your vet for full protection.
Ask for Droncit Spot-on. £10 for 4 tubes; enough for 2 treatments for an adult cat.

Plus our usual range of: Licensed Frontline Cat Flea treatments, Licensed Drontal Cat Wormers, Conditioners, Grooming Brushes and Combs to keep your cat in peak condition.

Rabbits & Guinea Pigs

Mites, Lice, Roundworm and Flea Treatment
A spot on solution that treats all of the above (very dangerous to dogs). Instructions on the packet. Contains enough for complete course of treatment.
Ask for Easimec Spot on for Rabbits and Guineas @ £14.99


Spring Worming Treatment
See the Horses page for recommended wormer at this time of year.

Worm Count Kits
We now stock worm count kits for those who want to identify what worms are present so that they can be targeted more accurately and effectively. The kit contains all you need to collect samples including pre-paid envelope, so they go off direct to the Laboratory.

Results come back to us so we can contact you to discuss the most suitable worming treatment and take care of everything for you.
Ask for Worm Count Kit @ £14.50


The “Savlon” of the pet world; an antibacterial wash for sore patches, mild skin infections, cuts, grazes, sore paws, hot spots etc. Very safe and doesn’t sting. Instructions on the pot – must avoid eyes and ears. This is only to help in mild cases. For serious problems see your vet.
Ask for Hibiscrub 100ml pot @ £3.50

Tick removal tweezers
Makes sure you remove ticks safely, cleanly and completely @ £3.50

Ear Cleaner Suitable for dogs and cats.
Gentle cleaning fast acting formula reduces ear odour.
Ask for Tropiclean Ear Cleaner 118ml @ £5.20

Fresher Breath, Cleaner Teeth
A seaweed based powder added to food to help reduce tartar and plaque on teeth. Also helps to keep breath fresh. People keep coming back and repeat buying it so it must work!
Ask for Plaque Off. One pot @ £9.99 will last a small dog a year

Fleas: Break the Cyle
A flea on your pet’s coat may lay eggs. The eggs fall off. You treat your pet for fleas and they die. The eggs that fell off hatch into fleas. They look for somewhere to live: Your pet. A flea on your pet’s coat may lay eggs………… You need to treat the house too. Ask for Indorex house spray 500ml @ £13.30 treats the whole house.


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