Cat Grooming Specialists, Kent

Does your Cat need some Specialist attention or help? At A-Z Animal Care, there are four Qualified and Experienced Cat Groomers who can provide all the care and attention that your cat may need. There is a separate, fully equipped Cat Room and all the facilities for routine grooming, de-matting, bathing, nail trimming, ear cleaning and flea and worm treatments. The Cat Grooming team is lead by Emma, a fully Qualified Veterinary Nurse, with over 15 years experience. There are currently well over 150 cats on our books.

Full Cat Groom

The Full Cat Groom is probably of most benefit for your longer haired breeds although some short haired cats, particularly as they get older, less supple and unable to reach all parts for self-grooming will also look and feel better for a good groom. The prime aim of the groom is to remove deadcoat, minor matts and tangles and leave their remaining coat shiny, fresh and conditioned. Regular grooming will also help prevent the build up of matting / severe matting (See Matting below).

The amount of deadcoat that a cat can carry is often surprising. The picture on the right shows the dead hair removed from just this one relatively short haired cat. This is by no means unusual and longer haired breeds can produce much more.


Many cats are able to keep their nails at the right length but some cannot, and do therefore need them trimming. We have even come across the occasional cat where a nail has become so long that it has grown right round and back into the skin. We can trim your cats nails on their own if required. It doesn't have to be part of a full groom. If it's nails only, we can usually do these at short notice while you wait.

Flea and Worm Treatment

We are licenced to stock and sell Frontline Flea Treatment and Drontal worming tablets. These are the brands normally only available from vets. We can also administer these if you wish. See Fleas & Worms

Brushes, Combs and Conditioners

To help keep your cat in good condition between visits we stock a good range of specialist grooming equipment for Cats, including grooming brushes, combs and both spot-on, and spray-on, coat conditioners


Do please call us (01233 822 411) to discuss what we can do for your cat and arrange an appointment. We can usually provide an estimate on the phone and a firm price once we have met your cat and agreed with you what needs to be done.

Depending on the requirements the appointment can take anything between thirty minutes and four hours. While we are very unlikely to be working with your cat for four hours solid, it does give the opportunity to complete the job in stages, allowing the cat some breaks and preventing any excess stress. If it helps your schedule we can often keep the cat all day.  Lastly, a small tip: When you do bring your cat in to us don't get the cat basket out of storage the night before. On more than one occasion cats have mysteriously "disappeared" on the morning of the appointment having seen the cat basket and anticipated a visit to the vet. They're not stupid!

Matted coat removal

A high percentage of cats who visit for the first time do so as a result of some sort of matting problem. In minor cases, where the matting is neither tight nor close to the skin, your cat can usually be returned to normal by using specialist tools, experience and patience. 

If however the matting has taken hold and formed a thick, felt like, layer next to the skin it can be impossible to clear and the only option (with your consent) may be to clip out the affected area. This is something we are very practiced in doing and in fact receive a number of referrals from vets, particularly where a cat cannot be sedated for some reason. 

Cat Bathing

Contrary to popular belief, most cats don't mind a bath and, in our experience, some seem to positively enjoy it. Bathing is usually carried out as an addition to a groom so that all deadcoat, tangles and matting have been removed first.

Ears & Faces

Ear Cleaning, like Nail trimming, can be carried out with a groom or separately if that is all that's required. Some Cats suffer with "mucky faces" and around the eyes where debris, hair and dirt build up. Again, this can be dealt with separately or along with a full groom.