If they went missing how would you find them again? If they were found how would they find you?


If your dog or cat went missing or was involved in an accident and found its way to a vet, dog warden or someone like ourselves, a simple microchip placed under the skin could re-unite you. 

The 'Petlog' chip cannot be altered or lost. It's safe, permanent and quick. Once it's done we will help you complete the paperwork and register, either online or by post directly with Petlog. 

The details are then added to a database and no matter where your pet is found it can be traced back to you. All you have to do is keep your contact details, such as telephone number and address, up to date with the company. 

It only takes 5-10 minutes including the paperwork. We charge just £22.50 inc. VAT which is a major saving against most vets. 

Lost In Norway, Found In Devon 

In a recent case, widely reported in the newspapers, a cat, apparently lost, was found in Devon and taken to a local vet. It was scanned and a microchip was detected. 

Amazingly the chip was traced back to the cats owners - in Norway! There was a nearby port at both ends and an unscheduled boat trip was suspected. The cat and owners were reunited.

A microchip is required if you wish 
to take your dog or cat abroad.