If your breed is not listed it doesn’t mean we don’t do that breed,
just that it has not been listed in the new format yet.

Please either choose a similar breed / size for an
approximate price or call us on 01233 822 411

Price Guide Notes & Explanations – Prices shown are a guide
We have tried to be as detailed and honest as possible but there are bound to be variations. Even the exact same breed and age of pet may have a substantially different type of coat and your individual requirements may vary significantly.

You are always very welcome to call us to discuss price and if you want a firm final price, please ask for an estimate or quotation prior to grooming’ when we have met your pet and discussed your requirements.

Full Repeat Groom / Average Price
This is a groom carried out within a reasonable time interval for the specific breed. The time interval will vary from breed to breed and even with individual pets within a breed. A guide Average Price is given in the detailed price list. The actual price charged could well be lower as well as higher than the average price given. We will always try to agree a price with you prior to grooming.

Many factors affect the amount of work involved in a groom which is why we show a range of prices for some breeds. This Price Variation is explained below:

Price Variation: 
For most breeds we give a price bracket and an Average Price. Factors which may affect the Average Price within the brackets are:

Time interval between grooms
How much brushing / grooming you do yourself between grooms
Differing coat types for the same breed, and preferred length of coat
The style of clip you prefer if the pet is clipped
Degree of any matting in the coat (see below).
Behaviour: some stand still and make it easy, others never stop moving or may be aggressive

Bath & Dry only
You’re welcome to bring your pet in for just a Bath & Dry, possibly in between the full groom / clip cycle or at short notice if something nasty has been rolled in! As a guide, a bath & dry only (i.e. no clipping or styling) usually comes out around 60% of the full groom price for the breed with variations for coat length and condition.

Tidy / Trim
As above, a Tidy / Trim can be carried out with a bath if you don’t need “the full works” or on is own if you want to pop in for a dry, face, foot tidy or similar in between the full groom cycle. Price can be as little as £5 and will depend on time taken.

Nails, Ears and Anal Glands
These are carried out (if required and on your request) to Qualified Veterinary Nursing standards and charged extra at £3.95 per item when carried out with a groom: a major saving over veterinary charges. When they are not part of a groom and are done individually the charge is normally £10.75 for one item, £12.50 for two and £15 for all three.

Matting and excessively tangled coat
For matted or excessively tangled coats that cannot be combed out or cleared normally (i.e. specialist tools, thinning scissors or clippers are required) an additional Basic de-matt charge of £3.95 is made. Severe cases, where extensive de-matting is required are charged at an hourly rate.

All de-matting and de-matting charges should be agreed in advance. They are based on £25 per hour for dogs and £50 per hour for cats where two and possibly three groomers will be required.  30 minutes of excessive matt removal for a dog would, for example, incur an additional charge of £12.50 inc. VAT over and above the normal grooming price.

Always feel free to call us on 01233 822 411 to discuss price