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We are in the process of updating the price guide and will eventually be able to show a fairly detailed price for each individual breed.
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Rabbit & Guinea Pig Grooming
Rabbits & Guineas          Price Guide inc. VAT
Rabbit and Guinea Pig Grooming IMG_3979 Short haired rabbits and Guinea Pigs should not need a lot of grooming but may need a little brush out, tidy up and clip around the back end to keep them clean and hygenic. This clip would normally be included for around £19.50 for a Guinea Pig and £18.50 for a short haired rabbit.. Just occasionaly they suffer from matting and require clipping out. See below.Long haired Rabbits can need quite a lot of attention as, like a cat, their coats can get tangled and carry a lot of dead hair which needs to be removed. They will also frequently need a clip around the back end to keep them clean and prevent parasites moving in. For a “sort-out groom” with a little clip round the back-end expect a price up to £25.If their coat has become matted close to the skin and cannot be groomed out, the affected areas may have to be clipped out. In extreme cases this can mean clipping nearly all the body hair off and allowing it to regrow. See Matt Removal below.
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See “All about Matting”
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Dematting, where clipping is required, is charged in addition to the Grooming price above. It is quite a delicate operation involving two groomers and is charged at £51 / hour. This is the same as a cat but rabbits are generally smaller so cost will likely be less. Small areas can be removed from as little as £5-£10.To clip a whole Rabbit off can take around an hour and a charge of up to £50. The same for a Guinea Pig is unlikely to be more than £25.Once we have met your Rabbit or Guinea the degree of matting can be assessed . We will then be able to give a more accurate estimate and a maximum figure so there will be no unexpected shocks.

If you decide to get the job done at your vet, do check charges first. Some of our customers have been advised that their vet will charge in excess of £100

Rabbit or
Guinea Pig
guinea_in_towel_200W_ss2014 Rabbit Bath & Dry (in addition to groom): £17.50 – £20Guinea Pig Bath & Dry (in addition to groom): £12.50
Rabbit or Guinea
£3.95 when nails are trimmed as an addition to a groom*£7.50 when carried out independently of a groom**Nails, Ears, Face & Eyes £10.75 for 1 item, £12.50 for 2 and £15 for all
3 when carried out independently of a groom*
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