Rabbits and Guinea Pigs

If you're looking for specialist care and grooming for your Rabbits and Guinea pigs: either a routine groom or sorting out problems such as a badly tangled or matted coat do please give us a call. 

Your longer haired Rabbits and Guineas have similar grooming requirements to those of a long haired cat, particularly those with very fine hair which is prone to matting. See About Matting in the Cat section, most of which also applies to rabbits. 

A common request is to "sort out" rabbits where their coats have become matted and are beyond "normal" care. One rabbit owner who now comes to us regularly had been told by her vet that the rabbit should be put down as the coat was so badly matted. With a lot of patience we were able to clip the coat off all over, bath the rabbit and let him start again. He was fine and enjoyed a new lease of life - literally!

Your bunnies and guineas may also benefit from bathing, ear & eye cleaning and nail trimming. Long haired breeds may need a clip and tidy-up, particularly round the back end if they've got mucky. This helps to keep them clean and free of parasites. 

Prices are similar to a cat but generally reduced for size, see prices.

Mites, Lice, Roundworm and Fleas in Rabbits & Guinea Pigs

Do give us a call (01233 822 411) to discuss your requirements and we should be able to give you an estimate on the phone and a firm price once we have had chance to meet your pet and discuss the options.

We now stock a spot on solution that treats Mites, Lice, Roundworm and Fleas in Rabbits (but caution it's dangerous to dogs). Instructions on the packet. Contains enough for complete course of treatment. 
Ask for Easimec Spot on for Rabbits and Guineas @ £14.99

For lots of information on keeping rabbits click this link which will take you to The Rabbit Welfare Association. This will take you to their "Links" page which in turn leads to lots more rabbit related sites.

To offer you peace of mind and confidence we are members of The Pet Care Trust.  They produce basic leaflets giving guidance on how to look after your Rabbits and Guinea Pigs. These are free and you can download them by clicking on one of the links below: